Indigo DIYs

We all love to beautify our homes with DIY things – to inject some personality into our living spaces, to make it our own.  I was thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to DIY a few things in one colour (or a really strict colour palette) – that would give it a nice cohesive look, wouldn’t it?  I would certainly do it in indigo.

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A Perfect Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, I was ecstatic to attend a talk by Freya Blackwood, one of my favourite illustrators.  I first knew about her when I moved to Orange (where she currently lives!) – I think I was googling for local creative people and her name popped up many times.  And then, when one of my favourite cafes – The Agrestic Grocer opened, I found out that she painted the mural in the cafe (which is beautiful!).

The best experience I had was when I went into a house, which was open for inspection…and found that the house-owners then had sooo many of her prints on their walls – it was magical – and the most serendipitous thing was when I became friends with the owners (not through the house inspection, and a couple of years later) and saw the beautiful prints again at their new place.

Freya Blackwood talk

Freya Blackwood talk

*took some sneaky pics with my phone before the talk started*

You can imagine my excitement when I was finally able to meet Freya in person at her talk yesterday!  I was trying my best to keep my composure but of course was a bit star-struck when I managed to speak to her after her talk.  She is the most down-to-earth person and treats everyone at the talk like they’re dear friends.  It was such a lovely experience to listen to her talk – there were snippets of her childhood, her journey through design & illustration, and the illustration process behind her picture books.  She also read through her upcoming book ‘Perfect‘, which is the sweetest story (for both young and old!).  We were also able to flip through her books, her process drawings & final artworks for the books (!!!) after the talk.  I really enjoyed every part of it – there was a little toddler screaming at intervals throughout the talk, and I think she was probably super excited to see Freya too, haha!

Freya recently won 3 awards at the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards in the following categories – Picture Book, Early Childhood and Younger Readers.  What an amazing achievement!  Here are some of my favourites from this talented beautiful woman.

Freya Blackwood Freya Blackwood Freya Blackwood Freya Blackwood Freya Blackwood*all images from Freya Blackwood’s website*

Freya Blackwood Freya Blackwood*she also did a wall mural for the children’s ward at the Orange Hospital*


Sigh…what a perfect afternoon~  :)


Free Colouring Sheet

colouring sheet by Whimsy Milieu

Colouring books have been all the rage for a while now and I can’t help but join in the fun!  I’ll be offering free colouring sheets for you to enjoy colouring just for fun, to take away some stress, to practice some mindfulness, or just because you want to do something with your fingers!  Perhaps a colouring sheet a fortnight – would you like that?  Let me know in the comments!


colouring sheet

colouring sheet by Whimsy Milieu

A behind-the-scenes look at creating the first colouring sheet.  This is me tracing over the pencil-sketch before scanning the sheet and cleaning it up on the computer.


colouring sheet by Whimsy Milieu


This is impatient me colouring it in – I’m sure you’ll do a much better job!  This first colouring sheet is full of mountains & things that grow on the mountains.  What things do you like to colour?  Let me know so I can draw them for you!

When you’re done with your colouring, do share it with me on Instagram (tag and hashtag whimsymilieu so that I know!)  Have fun!~

Beautiful Ceramics

The whole internet and people everywhere are crazy about ceramics, and I’m no exception haha.  I’m patiently waiting for when we move to our new place, so I can purge all our mass-produced crockery & vessels/containers and replace them with beautiful, handmade ceramic ware.  One can dream, right?  Here are some of my favourites~

ceramics for the home


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4th July

Creating treasuries on Etsy are always fun – however, it usually takes a bit of time to come up with a really beautiful treasury.  I had a bit of spare time today after quite a productive morning, so I created this ‘4th of July’ treasury – just because.  Haha!  And also, I’ve just listed a red-blue-white pretzel necklace in my shop – it’s been hanging in my studio for quite a few weeks now; and it reckons this week is a good time to meet the world!

Red Blue White treasury by Whimsy Milieu

pretzel necklace by Whimsy Milieu