Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to you all, and I do apologize for not updating this blog while on vacation…there was too much going on and also lack of time & mental space to just sit down and blog.  ;)

This year, I am going to try to make some changes to my blogging habit – not entirely sure what yet, but I won’t be doing anymore of the monthly bits – they were quite good in the sense that I could remind myself of what went on during the month, but in retrospect, I was probably just doing them to fill up this blog, hah!

I’m also getting around to making some (hopefully major) changes to the website…and I hope that gets done before we say hello to yet another new year!

Since coming back, I have worked on some blockprinted goodies – I have a feeling that I’m going to be super obsessed with making blockprinted items this year.  I also have some very good news, which I will share in another blog post~

And…I have just updated my Etsy store with some new blockprinted pouches I made this week.  They are all one of a kind, as I blockprinted every single piece of fabric of each pouch, instead of a single large roll of fabric!  What can I say; I love the process!  :)


By the way, all my rings are also now on sale – from $20 down to $15; get them now!  :)


Tomorrow this time I’ll be getting ready to board the plane back to my hometown.  I am checking and re-checking my luggage, and I’ll probably do that again after I’m finished with this post haha.

My online shops (Etsy, BigCartel, Wallabuy) are now closed and will re-open on 12th January 2015 when I return.  However, my Society6, Spoonflower and Dstock remain open; so have a look and see if there’s something that fits into your Christmas shopping.

During my trip overseas, I will still be updating my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog here…so, keep in touch!

Wishing you all a very merry holiday season!  Lots of love!~

Here are some blockprinted pouches I made for family & friends back home – I’ll definitely be making more next year for my shop!

pouches by Whimsy Milieu

October Bits

Ooopss!  Missed October’s monthly bits by half a month!  My mind is buried deep in to-pack lists and other things to organise before my trip back to my homeland next week.  It always feels quite poignant with the year drawing to a close and saying bye to friends here before I fly back home to meet family.  And mix it in with the excitement of meeting family & friends back home.  Ah, what a flurry.  Anyway, snippets of the long gone October  ;)




our wedding cake  |  wedding decor back home  |  swinging with the hubby

made caramel popcorn  |  yummilicious dinner  |  painting new works

new shoelaces  |  more wedding decor back home  |  my ‘fruitful’ lavender

new hip coffee shop in town  |  new totebags in my shop  |  a snap from our wedding

New Totebags

I have recently added some new items to my shop – totebags!  There are only a limited number of them for now, but I will be making more when I am back in January!

These totebags are made using a really good quality linen-cotton blend of canvas, with a drill cotton lining and genuine vege-tanned leather straps.  Just to pop in a bit of fun, the whole bag is sewn using a bright orange thread.  Ooh, and there is also an inner pocket.  The canvas is digitally printed with my own original illustrations – there are currently two variations – one of cacti & succulents, and the other one is full of diamonds & terrariums with a starry night effect.  Which is your favourite?  Get them here!



Year End Sale

This year end, I am having an exceptionally long-er holiday than usual – I’ll be back to my hometown for my brother’s wedding, and then stay on for a little while before flying to Hong Kong for Christmas & New Year.  Hence I will be temporarily closing my online shop(s) for the holidays~  And before I scoot off on my holidays (which I plan to use effectively to work on new goods for next year!), I’ve decided to have a sale – 20% off everything (except for some new arrivals haha – totebags!) with the code WMSALE on my Etsy store.  Go over there now and grab some of your favourite pieces, or do some early Christmas shopping (it’s never too early, right?).  Thank you!  And Happy Halloween!  :)


whimsy milieu sale