August Bits

It’s spring!  It’s spring!  It’s spring!  As much as I love layering up, one can get quite sick of it after a while, and now all I long for are breezy blouses with lightweight chinos and sandals or espadrilles~~~  We’re still quite a bit away from such weather, but it’s pretty uplifting to see flowers blooming and the slight rise in temperature.  I had a terrible flu the last two weeks – now I know for sure that I’m getting older – my body does not seem to be able to spring back as easily after a sickness…or maybe it’s just a really terrible virus.  Haha, anyway, spring can heal anything methinks.



Made a raw cake  |  New illustration in the shop  |  New totebag coming soon

Decor for a special event  |  New postcards in the shop  |  Made a leash for Cuwie

Blooms popping up  |  Beautiful rainbow  |  New illustrations in the works

Dreamhouse Pins

At the moment, my dream house would look like this – surrounded by trees & mountains, walls covered with climbing ivy, big beautiful windows that let in amazing sunlight, white & wood interiors, simple luxuries, and I also wouldn’t mind a whimsical-manicured garden.  Here’s to dreaming~



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July Bits

It’s August!!!  Well into the third quarter of the year!  Here are my July snippets~

July Bits Whimsy Milieu


Brought a visiting friend to the beautiful Lake Canobolas  |  Bought some ferns!  |  It snowed!~

Had lavender in the house  |  Had lunch at Racine’s – yum! (oh & beautiful succulents)  |  A new favourite flower – snapdragon

Cooked oats on stove for the first time  |   Brought Cuwie for walks  |  Lovely dinner with some special friends

Painted lots with watercolour for a secret project *wink*  |  Another painting for secret project haha  |  Loving the beautiful skies lately



June Bits

I am half a month late with my Monthly Bits – but better late than never, right?  ;)

Whimsy Milieu on Instagram


Had a fun time at FindersKeepers as a visitor this time!  |  A bout of obsession with ‘galaxy’-painting  |  Read a beautiful book

Sorry, it’s my cat in the tunnel-bed again haha  |  Made yoghurt cake…yum!  |  Practising my watercolours

Launched new illustrations in the shop  |  More watercolour practice  |  Finally put up the poster

Experimenting with ring-making  |  It snowed!  |  Made okonomiyaki – easy & delicious!