For the Love of Mountains

I love mountains and I cannot lie haha.  There are so many mountain-related pins on my Pinterest board, and also my Tumblr is full of them.  There is just something so majestic and mystic about mountains that just makes you realise how small & insignificant you are (and all your problems too!)

the mountains are calling and i must go

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And since my mountain ring was the best-seller on my Etsy shop, I decided to make some mountain necklaces…just so those who don’t like wearing rings can wear them too!  Like the mountain ring, each of these mountain necklaces are handpainted with love…making each one unique!  Hope you like it!

mountains necklace by Whimsy Milieu


Soft Things

The weather this week has been so beautiful – blue skies, small puffy clouds (sometimes none at all), beautiful autumn colours, soft warm sun…and breeze that is cool but not the winter-y type.  It tells of the upcoming cooler season, but still warm enough to not succumb to layers of clothing.  I came upon a few items on Etsy today that is just so relevant to the feeling this weather has given me.  Enjoy~

soft things Whimsy Milieu


Flowers  |  Whale

Narwhal  |  Woodland creature

New Cushions

There are some new cushions in my shop – and they’re inspired by the artworks I created for my exhibition, Animaginarium, which is currently showing at the Corner Store Gallery (and ending this weekend).  These cushions were super fun to make – they started off as watercolour paintings, which I then scanned and had them digitally-printed.  After that, it was all handmade in my studio – all the cutting, sewing, and stuffing.  All with love.  Enjoy!

fox cat grass puff cushions by Whimsy Milieu

cat head cushion by Whimsy Milieu

grass puff cushion by Whimsy Milieu

fox tail cushion by Whimsy Milieu

Exhibition Opening Night

I had a really great time last Friday night at the opening of my exhibition, Animaginarium.  Surrounded by my dearest friends, and many lovely people who came, I felt so blessed and grateful to be able to create works and share them with others.  Here are some photos of the night, taken by the lovely owner of the gallery herself, Madi.

Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night Animaginarium Opening Night

Exhibition & a Workshop

My exhibition officially starts today…in about one and a half hour!  Gosh!  I’m crossing all my fingers & toes and hoping for the best!  If you’re in Orange or anywhere nearby, do pay a visit to the gallery.

I’m also going to be teaching how to make a blinged up diamond garland at the gallery on the 7th May (Thursday), from 8-10pm – click here for more information.  There’ll be plenty of fun, and drinks & nibbles!

Bling Diamond Garland by Jacqueline Chan

Bling Diamond Garland by Jacqueline Chan

Whimsy Milieu in Uppercase Magazine

Have you got your hands on the latest issue (#25) of the Uppercase magazine yet?  You’ll have to…because there is a small snippet of my blockprinting in there!  I’m so excited and so grateful to Janine of Uppercase for her wonderful effort & passion in featuring the many many talented creatives from all over the world in every issue of her magazine…the magazine that she creates single-handedly!  I truly admire her talent, hard work, vision, creativity, energy, passion, and everything else that goes behind the making of a successful creative magazine!  Ok, enough with my exclamation marks haha – do browse through the magazine below and grab one from the Uppercase shop before it’s too late!