4th July

Creating treasuries on Etsy are always fun – however, it usually takes a bit of time to come up with a really beautiful treasury.  I had a bit of spare time today after quite a productive morning, so I created this ‘4th of July’ treasury – just because.  Haha!  And also, I’ve just listed a red-blue-white pretzel necklace in my shop – it’s been hanging in my studio for quite a few weeks now; and it reckons this week is a good time to meet the world!

Red Blue White treasury by Whimsy Milieu

pretzel necklace by Whimsy Milieu

Acorn Terrarium Necklace

There’s a new necklace in my shop that I like very much!  The idea of an acorn terrarium first came to me when I was sketching in my sketchbook – and I liked it so much I immediately turned it into a necklace!  Similar to my pretzel and mountain necklaces, this acorn terrarium necklace is handpainted on wood –  on both sides – and is now available in my Etsy shop!  Grab one for the woodland-fan in you!

watercolour sketchbook by Whimsy Milieu

acorn terrarium by Whimsy Milieu

Cat-tus Enamel Pins

For my recent exhibition, I painted a piece called ‘Cat-tus’ – it’s a combination of cat & cactus – I’m sure you guessed it right?  😉

It has become my favourite thing, this cat-tus (I have tried googling it, but I don’t think anybody else has come up with this idea yet – so hereby I proclaim that this cat-tus idea is mine and no copycats allowed!  There!  Haha!)

Well, I have designed some cat-tus enamel pins to spread the joy around – they arrived this morning and I wasted no time in photographing them and listing them up in my shop.  Grab one, pin it on your outfit – it’ll feel like you’re taking your cat & cactus out for a walk!  How charming!

Cat-tus enamel pins by Whimsy Milieu

Cat-tus enamel pin by Whimsy Milieu

Cat-tus enamel pins by Whimsy Milieu

Achornes of Okes

A few mornings ago, I was walking home and came across some oak trees.  The ground beneath the trees were covered with oak leaves and acorns (most of them already consumed by birds) – two of the most charming little bits of nature for me.  I know of no other tree that has leaves as adorable as the oak leaf, and seed/nut as endearing as the acorn (disclaimer:  my knowledge of trees is very shallow haha).  Thus I am very pleased to stumble across these acorn finds on Etsy today.  After some research, I also found its popularity in heraldry and embroidery – ah, even more beguiling!  Enjoy!~

acorn season etsy


Felted acorns  |  Fabric acorns  |  Acorn birdhouse


For the Love of Mountains

I love mountains and I cannot lie haha.  There are so many mountain-related pins on my Pinterest board, and also my Tumblr is full of them.  There is just something so majestic and mystic about mountains that just makes you realise how small & insignificant you are (and all your problems too!)

the mountains are calling and i must go

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And since my mountain ring was the best-seller on my Etsy shop, I decided to make some mountain necklaces…just so those who don’t like wearing rings can wear them too!  Like the mountain ring, each of these mountain necklaces are handpainted with love…making each one unique!  Hope you like it!

mountains necklace by Whimsy Milieu