June Bits

I am half a month late with my Monthly Bits – but better late than never, right?  ;)

Whimsy Milieu on Instagram


Had a fun time at FindersKeepers as a visitor this time!  |  A bout of obsession with ‘galaxy’-painting  |  Read a beautiful book

Sorry, it’s my cat in the tunnel-bed again haha  |  Made yoghurt cake…yum!  |  Practising my watercolours

Launched new illustrations in the shop  |  More watercolour practice  |  Finally put up the poster

Experimenting with ring-making  |  It snowed!  |  Made okonomiyaki – easy & delicious!

New Items on Society6

Oops, it has been a little quiet on this blog lately.  Things have happened that distracted me and threw me off course for a bit, but I’m back on the track with hopefully stronger focus & determination.  :)

I updated my Society6 store a short while ago with some new illustrations & products.  I really love how they look – especially on the shower curtains, oh my!  Here are some of  them, and do check out my store to see more!  Thank you!

Whimsy Milieu on Society6

*new* Illustrated Postcards!

I’m feeling a little guilty to have forsaken this blog for  two weeks!  Oh where did time go?  However, I’m back with some new goodies in the shop.  I’ve turned some of my new illustrations into sets of postcards – there are galaxies posing as mountains, terrariums, cacti and lakes, as well as one based on my cat.  I hope you like them!

Whimsy Milieu postcardsWhimsy Milieu postcardsWhimsy Milieu postcardsWhimsy Milieu postcards

A Thousand Words

Today I came across the works of an incredibly talented photographer, Finn Beales via his photos of the Grundtvigs Kirke in Copenhagen.  His photographs of the various places he has been are as equally (if not more) breath-taking.  Here are some of my favourites.


Sometimes I wish that I could put aside everything, grab my camera & backpack and go places around the world to take photos and be at one with nature.  *bliss*

Animal Ears Wall Hooks

I’m super excited to unveil some new products in my shop – let me present to you the animal ears wall hooks!  These hooks were really fun to design & make – they are like an extension of my animal ears rings – bigger in size and adding whimsy to your homes instead of your fingers!  :D

The collection consists of rabbit ears, fox ears, deer ears, cat ears, and bear ears.  My personal favourite has got to be the fox!  The deer comes a close second,…and also the rabbit!  Ah, can’t decide!  Which one is your favourite?  Go here or here and check them out!  These hooks are totally lovingly handmade save for the lasercutting process.  Go handmade, go!  :)